Rates  ⸻

Rates for psychotherapy, psychological counseling and couples therapy

  • Individual session including preparation and follow-up: 200CHF for 60 minutes
  • Couples session including preparation and follow-up: 250CHF for 60 minutes
  • Sessions with other involved parties g. partner, family members, employer including preparation and follow-up: 250CHF for 60 minutes
 General health insurance (angeordenete Psychotherapie with a medical reference)
  • The predefined Taxpoint in Zurich for psychological psychotherapy is 2.58CHF/minute.
  • 60 minutes individual sessions, preparation and follow-up of the session is also billable. If a session would last longer, it will be charged by 1-minutes units: 2.58CHF/minute.
  • All other needed services, f.ex, psychological report, discussion with medical team, telefon sessions with relatives will be charged by 1-minute units: 2.58CHF/minute
If needed please find here a template for the medical prescription:Anordnung_psychologische_Psychotherapie


Appointments may be cancelled free of charge up to 48 hours before the agreed appointment. Please note that cancellations less than 24 hours in advance will be invoiced at the full rate. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Since July 2022 the costs for psychological psychotherapy are covered by the basic health insurance. It is necessary that a doctor’s prescription (e.g. family doctor) is issued and that a diagnosis is present. It is mandatory to bring the prescription (Anordnung) for the first session as it can’t be billed via basic health insurance otherwise. For psychological counseling the costs are not covered by general health insurance.
  • Many supplementary insurances contribute to the costs of the treatment – you can clarify with your insurance company directly whether this is available for you. A doctor’s referral is often necessary for this.
  • In the event of psychological complaints as a result of accidents, your accident insurance may, upon request, cover the costs of psychotherapy.
  • If you are the victim of a criminal offense (e.g. abuse, assault,), according to the Federal Act on Assistance to Victims of Crime, there is the possibility of applying for coverage of the cost of psychotherapy. For further information, please contact the Aid of Victims in your canton of residence (for Zurich www.opferhilfe.zh.ch).
  • There is also the possibility of self-payment without a doctor’s referral or billing via the supplementary insurance.