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As a therapist I am happy to support you during personal crises, with challenges, relationship issues and with a variety of psychological problems


  • Depression and stress-related illnesses like burn out
  • Fears such as general anxiety, phobias, panic
  • Sleeping troubles
  • AD(H)D
  • Posttraumatic disorders
  • Obsessions and / or compulsions
  • Difficulties in dealing with feelings (e.g. loneliness, anger, fear, shame)
  • Difficulties in relationships (e.g. partner, friends, workplace)
  • Difficult life situations (e.g. separation, loss)

Couples therapy

  • repeated conflicts
  • communication problems
  • create a positive shift in partners interactional positions and patterns
  • dealing with stressful life events together
  • relationship enhancement

Psychological Counseling

  • enhance quality of life
  • improved stress management
  • build up self-confidence
  • difficulties in motivation or decision-making
  • reorientation

holistic approach

Practice for psychotherapy, couples therapy and psychological counseling


I take a holistic approach in my work. My integrative psychotherapy training with a focus on cognitive-behavioral and interpersonal therapy is focused on the use of methods based on the current state of psychotherapy research. I therefore can offer you different therapeutic approaches, without being limited to a single psychotherapy school.

In a trusting and personal atmosphere, we create the necessary foundation to be able to work on your topics together.

My work is aimed at adults as well as couples.